Health Center 4


Health Centre 4 (HC4) is now the largest and the most modern private healthcare clinic in Latvia with 23-year experience. Working as a team, HC4 offers high-quality versatile diagnostics, differentiated treatment and rehabilitation for each customer on an individual basis.

The equipment for diagnostics and treatment complies with all European Union standards – significant funds have been invested in modern technologies. High quality of the services provided by HC4 medical staff is characterized by a personal, committed, hospitable and considerate attitude and individual approach to each customer.

HC4 specializes in check-ups using the programs corresponding to patients’ age, gender and financial solvency, under the supervision of experienced physicians. The wide range of MRI, computed tomography, digital radiology, and ultrasound of premium class, as well as functional and endoscopic diagnostic equipment provides convincing results. The range of diagnostic equipment is constantly upgraded and improved in order to keep the market power. HC4 particularly specializes in diagnostics and treatment of pathologies of leg veins. Three clinics offer globally recognized treatment methods and their combinations.

Health Centre 4 has a wide network of branches and affiliated companies without which it is impossible to imagine the field of medicine and cosmetology in Latvia. HC4 branches:

HC4 branches have a high level of IT technical solutions. Modern transfer of diagnostic examination findings is offered to our foreign patients.  All visual diagnostic (dg) images made in Health Centre 4 are digital. The available system of telemedicine provides the opportunity to send examination findings to other units or medical institutions electronically, if necessary. The special image review and processing software provides more opportunities to work with images – they can be zoomed in or out, made more contrast, reviewed in soft or hard tissue mode; precise measurements can be made. Examination findings can be saved in external media (CD, DVD and other formats). Visual diagnostics images can be printed in various sizes and formats – on photographic paper or films, aligning different visual diagnostics images on one laser printout. We also offer remote diagnostics when the best specialists in their field – radiologists-diagnosticians receive visual diagnostics (MRI and CT) examination findings from other medical centres, make an informative processing and give a necessary conclusion. Thus IT solutions can be of great help for patients from other countries wishing to get a second opinion.

HC4 is one of few private medical institutions in Latvia that obtained an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. It guarantees that the quality and service of the company products is world-class. ISO certificate confirms high level of services rendered by “Health Center 4” in the certified field of rendering primary and secondary health care services in outpatient’s department and day patient facility with operating room.          

The aim of Health Centre 4 is unchanged – provide high-quality, modern and price-wise competitive help for each patient, offer treatment methods appropriate for concrete issues to achieve an efficient result.


You may find more information about Health Center 4 here:

Riga office: Str.Baznīcas 31 - 9, Rīga, Latvia. +371 202 116 11,