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Children's Hospital joined the European reference networks


Children`s Clinical University Hospital is the first hospital in Latvia, which was able to meet the high requirements of the European reference networks in the health services sector, becoming a cooperation partner for many of the most competent European hospitals in the treatment of rare eye diseases and malignant tumors.

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Currently we are witnessing an outbreak of gout – How to recognize the disease?


Christmas and New Year festivities with tables laden with food cause people an outbreak of gout. For some people, excessive consumption of food ends in the aggravation of the disease. With others, gout symptoms appear for the first time in the post-holiday period.

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Dr. Yevgeny Shagov from Ukraine is surprised with Health Center 4 impressive range of technologies


The leading Ukrainian dermatologist Yevgeny Shagov (Евгений Шагов) visited the Dermatology Clinic, branch of Health Center 4, and company of the group Capital Clinic Riga from 10 to 11 December, 2016. During our conversation Dr. Shagov told us how he had found out about our clinics, what the main differences there were between Ukraine and Latvia in the field of dermatology, and told us about the most popular procedures in the world.

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Health Center 4 has opened its latest branch – RTU Health Center


On Thursday 27th October, Health Center 4 (HC4) with a festive event opened its latest branch – Riga Technical University (RTU) Health Center. The new branch is located within the premises of the Kipsala Swimming Pool in the RTU campus in Kipsala. It’s a strategically chosen location convenient for the university’s students and educators.

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Voluson S10 – more precise diagnostics at Capital Clinic Riga


Gynaecologists, obstetricians of Capital Clinic Riga now have the latest General Electric ultrasound system "Voluson S10" with complete hardware and software at their disposal.

Capital Clinic Riga is the first in the Baltic States which has this equipment. 

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An orthopedic goods store has been opened in the ORTO Clinic


In order to provide the patients with everything necessary for a comprehensive treatment process at one spot, this September the ORTO Clinic opened an orthopedic goods store. 

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Welcome to the conference!


On October 14, 2016, Infertility Treatment and Reproductive Genetics clinic iVF Riga will organize and host the Second Annual International Reproductive, Genetic & Biotechnology Conference. 

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Back strengthening exercises for school children


School bags and sports bags and long hours spent at the school desk negatively affect children’s backs and posture. That is why it is necessary to prepare for the new school year in good time. Instead of constantly repeating, “Hold your back straight!” it is much more effective to teach your pupils a small set of exercises aimed at strengthening the shoulder and back muscles, straightening the slouching and hunched shoulders –  characteristic of people having a sedentary lifestyle –  and preventing postural asymmetry. 

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Planning life with an artificial joint


“It is never too late to have arthroplasty of a damaged joint,” says Vitolds Jurkevičs, the orthopaedic surgeon at the ORTO Clinic. “Solutions may be only technically complicated, but there are no irreparable situations.” 

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Shear-Wave elastography helps to objectively assess the risk of malignant growths in various organs


Ultrasound in diagnostic medicine has been used for a very long time. Almost every one has faced it: during the examination of the abdominal cavity organs, heart, blood vessels, skin, breast, gynaecological examination, and in the baby's development monitoring during pregnancy. 

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