“Vizuālā diagnostika” opens a computed tomography office in Sigulda


The new computed tomography office will enable residents of the Vidzeme region to obtain more varied high-quality computed tomography examinations.

According to Māris Rēvalds, chairman of the Board of Health Center 4, the computed tomography office was opened in Sigulda due to several reasons. "It is known that many Sigulda residents work in Riga, therefore they get various services, including health examinations, in the capital. We decided to open a computed tomography office in Sigulda to provide the opportunity to get high-quality diagnostic examinations in Sigulda and Vidzeme region. The global leading manufacturers of medical equipment are gradually discontinuing production of 16-layer CT scanners, replacing them with 64-layer and more powerful CT scanners. The benefits of the CT scanner manufactured by General Electric Healthcare will ensure accurate examinations, which is a key factor for both patients and doctors," says M. Rēvalds, adding that the new CT scanner will make Sigulda Hospital doctors’ work easier and it will be easily accessible to patients undergoing treatment in the Radiosurgery Centre of Sigulda Hospital.

The device has several important advantages that make the examination more qualitative and exhaustive, such as examinations of the chest, belly and tumours have significantly less respiratory movement artifacts (disturbances), and synchronised contrast administration processes ensure more accurate assessment of the degree of blood vessels constriction or closure. As the device performs image reconstruction, the obtained images are easier to analyse not only for radiologists, but for physicians of any speciality.

Sigulda computed tomography office offers examinations of head and paranasal sinuses, spine, musculoskeletal system, abdominal cavity, lesser pelvis and retroperitoneum, thoracic organs, and brachiocephalic and intracranial blood vessels, blood vessels in abdomen and legs.

Examinations will be available within the framework of state funding with referral from general practitioner or specialist who has contractual relations with the National Health Service, for a fee, or when presenting a health insurance card.

Māris Rēvalds, chairman of the Board of Health Center 4, Evija Mirzojana, head of Vizuālā diagnostika, Valdis Siļķe, head of Sigulda Hospital, Ivars Eglītis, head of Kuldīga Hospita, and Uģis Mitrevics, chairman of Sigulda City Council, participated in the opening of Vizuālā diagnostika computed tomography office in Sigulda and addressed the audience.

Sigulda computed tomography office is located in Sigulda Hospital, at 13 Lakstīgalas Street. Examinations will be available since 10 July 2017, and they will be remotely described by the leading Latvian radiologists-diagnosticians. Detailed information is available at www.vizualadiagnostika.lv, you can get appointments for examination by contacting sigulda@vc4.lv or calling +371 67972940, +371 28005525.

SIA “Vizuālā diagnostika” has a total of five computed tomography offices all over Latvia – in Gulbene, Liepāja, Saldus, Kuldīga, and Sigulda, and six magnetic resonance imaging offices – in Riga, Valmiera, Liepāja, Jelgava, Kuldīga, and Jēkabpils. 

Riga office: Str.Baznīcas 31 - 9, Rīga, Latvia. +371 202 116 11, info@balticcare.eu