An innovative tool for ocular imaging is available for diagnostics of rare and difficult to notice ocular diseases


Children’s Clinical University Hospital has added a very valuable tool to its medical technology supply. It enables imaging inside of an eye through the pupil, allowing timely detection of difficult to notice and rare ocular diseases. In Baltic countries only Children’s Clinical University Hospital offers this kind of diagnostics today.

The new tool will be especially useful to children whose retina is not matured due to a premature birth and who are developing a specific form of retinopathy – retinopathy of prematurity. Failure to diagnose and treat this condition timely can lead to total retinal detachment and blindness. The small children are being thoroughly cared for and treated by neonatologists and at certain periods and certain indications their eyes are examined by CCUH ophthalmologists. To compare the examination results and to predict the disease course, to assess indications for laser treatment and to evaluate results of the treatment retinas of the little children are examined and simultaneously documented by a specialized digital fundus camera.

Without such fundus camera it is not possible to assess and treat retinal tumors and congenital pathologies of retina or optic nerve. The new camera is provided with possibilities of evaluation of retinal and choroidal blood vessels – with the help of a contrast dye it is possible to perform fluorescent angiography for premature children and children of an early age.

At least 100 patients require this kind of examination in a year. “It is very important that ophthalmologists performing regular vision assessments in children would be able to recognize symptoms indicating need of in-depth ocular examinations. Clinic for Eye Diseases has registered over 370 different rare ocular disorders by 2017, every year new congenital and acquired diseases of retina, optic nerve, and other eye structures are diagnosed, which can be associated with different overall congenital disorders and have a profound impact on vision and general health.” Explains head of Clinic for Eye Diseases S.Valeiņa.

Medical technology specialists from Phoenix Clinical (USA) Elisabeth Affel and Steve Stamos visited Children’s Hospital and trained doctors of Children’s Hospital as well as guests from clinics of eye diseases in Riga, Tallinn, Tartu, Vilnius, and Kaunas handling the new tool.

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