An orthopedic goods store has been opened in the ORTO Clinic


In order to provide the patients with everything necessary for a comprehensive treatment process at one spot, this September the ORTO Clinic opened an orthopedic goods store. One can buy a wide range of orthopedic aids in it, which ease pain making life more tolerable, defer the need for surgery, and make unassisted walking and other common activities possible in the postoperative period.

“Often one faces a situation when an orthopedic insole, a walking stick or, for example, a knee orthosis is necessary in order to solve various orthopedic or traumatic problems. Up to now, after a consultation the patients of our Clinic had to look for these aids at specialized stores in the city. In order to save people’s time, we decided to find an opportunity for providing a range of orthopedic goods at the Clinic, thus offering them the possibility to choose the necessary oprtopedic aids without leaving the premises of the Clinic,” says the Board Member of the ORTO Clinic, a traumatologist and ortopaedist Andrejs Peredistijs.

At the store which is located on the first floor of the ORTO Clinic to the right of the entrance door, the patients are consulted by an Ortopedic Technician who helps the patients to choose the most suitable and convenient solution in each concrete situation.

Currently, we provide a full medical assistance cycle at one spot, at the Orto Clinic, Bukultu Street No 1, Riga:

a specialist’s consultation,

diagnostics (blood tests, ultrasonography, x-ray projection, diffusion tensor imaging (DT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with 3,0T which is currently the most powertful magnet in the world;

operation and postoperative inpatient care (15 wards + an intensive therapy ward);


orthopedic goods (orthopedic insoles; orthoses for joint stabilization and fixation; lumbar braces and corsets; golf and compression socks; walking aids – crutches, walking sticks, walking frames, rollators, wheelchairs), gymnastics equipment (balls, gymnastics stretch bands, etc.)

The orthopedic goods store at the ORTO Clinic is open on weekdays from 09:00 to 19:00.

It is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Riga office: Str.Baznīcas 31 - 9, Rīga, Latvia. +371 202 116 11,