Dr. Yevgeny Shagov from Ukraine is surprised with Health Center 4 impressive range of technologies


How did you find out about Health Center 4 and out clinics? How did you decide to visit us?

Māris Rēvalds, head of Health Center 4, told me about the Dermatology Clinic and he actually invited me to visit the clinic. I met Māris Rēvalds at a conference in Kiev, where Māris gave a presentation about opportunities and reforms of medical tourism in the Baltic States.

Māris Rēvalds’ words about the Dermatology Clinic arouse my interest, and your specialists’ achievements in phlebology, aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology were an important reason to accept the invitation and come to Latvia.

In Ukraine I run the clinic Shagov Aesthetic Medicine, we specialise in beauty tehnologies – injections of botulinum toxin and fillers, and we also perform skin rejuvenation procedures.

Both Health Center 4 and Shagov Aesthetic Medicine are recognisable brands in their countries, therefore this meeting, common learning and exchange of experience reinforces positions of our clinics in the Baltic States.

How can you compare dermatology services in Ukraine, Latvia and Europe in general?

We are especially specialised in Ukraine and are leaders in the field of beauty injections, but the Dermatology Clinic and Capital Clinic Riga surprised me – you are leaders in hardware technologies. I can say that you have the most significant and widest range of technologies and equipment I have ever seen in any of the post-Soviet countries. Your achievements in phlebology are inspiring – the clinic offers a wide range of treatment techniques, and specialists can work applying different techniques and equipment.

Each country has its own strengths, therefore I believe that if you combine them, you will get an opportunity to strengthen your positions and open up new opportunities in the market. If it is impossible to ensure sufficient number of patients from your country, it is important to attract foreign patients, we are striving to do that together with Māris Rēvalds.

What is currently the most popular procedure in the aesthetic dermatology?

Statistical data are most precisely accumulated in the United States, the last year's results suggest that of the 100 procedures carried out, the most popular procedure is botulinum toxin injections – they make up about 40% of all procedures.

Filler injections are ranked second – they make up 20% of aesthetic dermatology procedures. It can be concluded that injections are a clear leader which make up 60% of all beauty procedures.

Photoepilation is ranked third, and the procedures aimed at improving the skin condition – chemical peelings, abrasive peelings and skin photorejuvenation – are ranked 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

Yevgeny Shadov is a dermatologist,  founder and director of the clinic Shagov Aesthetic Medicine, head of the aesthetic medical association Aesthetic Consilium Group, member of the association American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dermatologist Yevgeny Shapov has more than ten-year experience in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine; he specialised in application of a wide range of technologies (laser, radiowaves, ultrasound technologies), injection procedures and skin cancer treatment.


The Ukrainian physician stayed in the Dermatology Clinic and Capital Clinic Riga for two days to take part in exchange of experience with the specialists – dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and phlebologists during practical trainings in masterclasses.

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