Egg (oocytes) freezing and storage at iVF Riga clinic


iVF Riga clinic opened the first official Reproductive tissue bank in the Baltic States, which provides freezing and storage of eggs and sperm for the patients. According to the legislation of Latvia, the period of storage of the patient's genetic material is 10 years.

Medical reasons:

Women with diagnosed oncological diseases, since the use of chemotherapy and radiation therapy leads to the destruction of the reproductive system.

Endometriosis, a progressive disease that causes mechanical damage of the reproductive system and leads to its destruction. Thereby, the production of eggs is lost.

Premature ovarian failure (insufficiency).

Upcoming surgery on the ovaries.

Unfavorable social and professional factors that affect reproductive health: harmful production, emotional exhaustion (burnout syndrome)…

Such patients are recommended to freeze eggs before starting therapy.

Social reasons:

Modern technologies give women the opportunity to prepare themselves timely for the future, since their reproductive activity and the number of eggs decreases with age, and their quality is getting worse.

In cases where a proper partner for joint life has not yet been found or there is a wish to take a break before starting a new relationship after divorce - You can save Your eggs for the future. Modern technology allows use of such cells without harming them in the process of thawing, saving the same level quality.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who are not yet ready to start a family, who wants to make a career or finish their studies at a university.

The possibility to avoid unnecessary stress and not to feel pressure from the surrounding society - "biological clock ticking", which often imposes a duty to have children just because you need to do it, before it's too late.

Unlike sperm, the eggs are non-renewable, their amount is determined from the birth. Most modern women are facing premature ovarian failure, and egg freezing protects them from it.

If there are women with the diagnosis of infertility or premature ovarian failure in a family history, it's time to take care of themselves.

Freezing of the genetic material will help a woman to avoid hormonal therapy, use of stimulating medications, hyperstimulation in the case of artificial insemination. No repeated tries will be necessary, and embryo transfer can be done in a natural cycle.

"You are a donor for yourself!" The body will recognize it’s own genetic information and does not reject.

Egg collection before freezing does not negatively affect the further development of cells, their amount does not decrease. The use of stimulating medications promotes the maturation of not just one, as in the natural cycle, but several mature eggs simultaneously, which are then collected.

You can prepare for the egg collection procedure easily and quickly, without interrupting work or study. It takes about 10 days, during which you need to come to the clinic for a short visit 3-5 times. The manipulation is performed under light anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. The next day after the manipulation, you can safely return to the usual life rhythm!

The cost of freezing and storage for one year is 1185.00 Eur


Eggs can be stored in iVF Riga Reproductive tissue bank up to 10 years and are available at any time!

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