First bioadhesive training centre is created!


Last year Baltic Vein Clinic of Health Centre 4 (HC4) was the first clinic in the Baltic States introduced endoluminal venous surgeries using bioadhesive. Due to its effectiveness and safety which has been proved by many clinical studies, bioadhesive method is gaining more recognition all over the world! Due to swift expansion of bioadhesive method, Health Centre 4 in cooperation with a U.S. company SAPHEON*created the first bioadhesive method training centre in the Eastern Europe. Vascular surgeons, phlebologists and physicians of other specialities who are familiar with vascular US and who have a corresponding classification in endovenous vein surgery will be trained to work with the most modern and progressive vein treatment technology. BVC obtained this right based on the global good reputation of the clinic and excellent knowledge of its phlebologists.


"The newly created Eastern European Training Centre will be one of the first centres in the world where physicians will be trained to apply bioadhesive method. We searched for a high-level exclusive private clinic for a long time, and after a thorough and careful examination we chose HC4 Baltic Vein Clinic (BVC) for the cooperation. It has the most extensive experience - more than fifteen years in vein diagnostics and treatment. Moreover, it is the best clinic we know about in the Eastern Europe, as it offers all globally recognised and applied vein treatment methods. The equipment available in the clinic - from vein treatment technologies to solutions for cosmetic issues - is excellent and corresponds to the highest standards in vein treatment which is rarely available elsewhere in the world outside the USA. Doctors' training is essential for successful application of new methods. Therefore an important selection criterion was also BVC team of doctors - highly qualified specialists in vascular surgery who have work experience with all endovenous vein treatment technologies, including laser, radiofrequency, steam microimpulse and, definitely, bioadhesive method”, reveals Gary McCord, SAPHEON Incorporation Vice-presidentof Business Development.

 Theoretical and practical trainings will be ensured by BVC leading specialist, vascular surgeon, phlebologist Ints Ūdris who has the most extensive experience with this bioadhesive technology. Until now he has performed more than 80 bioadhesive surgeries in Latvia. Doctors from Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia and Lithuania have already applied for new method training. The creation of the new Eastern European Training Centre required no additional investments, as BVC with its former investments over 500.000 Euro corresponds to the requirements for establishing a centre.


Dr. Ints Ūdris admits: "Before Latvian physicians used to go abroad to gain experience and knowledge outside Latvia, now for several years the leading vascular surgeons and phlebologists from other countries visit our country in order to master skills and work with all endovenous methods available in the world and in Latvia. These methods were successfully introduced with our assistance in such countries as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Azerbaijan and Norway. Therefore over the last years we can call Baltic Vein Clinic a scientific research and training centre of new, modern technologies. Now the official opening of Easter European bioadhesive method training centre in Latvia in cooperation with SAPHEON gives more satisfaction in our work, and it is also the highest evaluation of our clinic and fruits of our labour we have ever seen! Bioadhesive method is undoubtedly the method of the future and the highest scientific achievement in vein treatment which can be compared to Ferrari in terms of cars." 

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