Health Center 4 has opened its latest branch – RTU Health Center


At the RTU Health Center, the branch of HC4, it is possible to receive consultations of an internist, general practitioner or physician’s assistant, perform electrocardiogram, undergo medical manipulations, such as injections, placement of intravenous system, blood pressure measurements, receive medical certificates etc. Furthermore, at the RTU Health Center it will also be possible to get vaccines. For the convenience of our clients, there will also be a procedures cabinet for analysis and other things.

Māris Rēvalds, the Chairman of the HC4 Board, says, ‘Inspired by the development of Kipsala infrastructure, including RTU campus, and the ever-increasing number of both Latvian and foreign students, we wish to offer, at a convenient time and place, medical services which are usually provided by a general practitioner. Furthermore, we also invite those visiting the Kipsala Swimming Pool to use the services offered by the RTU Health Center. We also hope that the convenient location will also encourage those living in the nearby Pardaugava to visit our latest branch.’

Whereas Leonīds Ribickis, the RTU Rector and academician, stresses, ‘The establishment and opening of the RTU Health Center was long-awaited. We hope that the new premises of the health centre will allow to reach the primary goal, that is, to make healthcare more accessible not only to locals but also to our foreign students.’

The opening of the RTU Health Center, the branch of HC4, was attended by the RTU Rector and members of the administration team as well as by the Chair of the HC4 Board and representatives of the RTU Kipsala Swimming Pool Complex.

Health Center 4 is one of the largest private medical companies in Latvia in the group of multi-profile outpatient medical institutions. RTU Health Center is located on the 1st floor of the RTU Kipsala Swimming Pool at 5 Kipsalas Street, Riga.



Photo: LETA

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