"Health Center 4" maintains leader position in the Reputation Top of Companies, Group "Public, Social and Individual Services "


Festive ceremony of the “Reputation Top of Companies - 2017”* took place in the Museum of Aldaris where the most reputable companies and CEO’s were announced. For the second year in a row SIA “Health Center 4 (VC4) gained the First Place in the Group "Public, Social and Individual Services” of the “Reputation Top of Companies”. Measurements of the Reputation Top of Companies are made using seven criterions – high export potential, good communication with public, good employer, good products and services, future oriented, corporate responsibility and responsible attitude towards environment.HC4 also took the honourable 14th Place in the “Reputation Top of Companies - 2017” this year raising up for 6 positions.

One of the organisers of the event, Chairman of the Board of "Nords Porter Novelli", Krišjānis Caune emphasized that High reputation is a luxury not everyone can afford. “Only ones who care about it and wants it more than just profiting. Alongside the development of tools of communication and dynamics of the exchange of information, companies care about reputation increasingly more. In addition, this year’s results are a proof for that as the total reputation index of companies have exceeded for 12%. I am happy about it!," said K. Caune.

Director of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) Andris Ozols approached the audience with the concept that high reputation is a lasting work. "You can’t buy reputation, rent it or take from somebody else. It is a result of the lasting and determined work gaining not only index ratio or place in the top but also attestation how good is the company currently, and how good it could be in the future. Also, the desire to grow without stopping at the current achievements matter!" concluded A. Ozols.

*"Reputation Top of Companies - 2017" was developed by "Nords Porter Novelli", newspaper "Dienas Bizness" and research centre "SKDS". It is the most sizeable reputation study in the Baltics where the award ceremony gathers CEO’s and entrepreneurs from the leading companies of Latvia for the 13th time in a row. Top of companies was made in cooperation with LIAA and for the fourth time in a row takes place within the Export forum "Magnetic Latvia" which is the most important event devoted to the export theme in Latvia.

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