Voluson S10 – more precise diagnostics at Capital Clinic Riga


With "Voluson S10" General Electric has made another step forward in medical technology progress and suitability. This one is more informative than previous Voluson S family devices, used in gynaecology and obstetrics all over the world. Besides, due to device design, specific keyboard, ergonomic probes and fast data processing programs, Voluson S10 is much more handy for specialists.

It ensures -

  • Outstanding and detailed picture quality;
  • High resolution;
  • Fast obtainable and reproducible test results;
  • High quality 2D examinations;
  • Photogtraphy like 3D and 4D examination quality;
  • Fixation and identification of tiniest examination details;
  • Improved color Doppler function to differentiate dense tissue and borders;
  • Excellent results even under cumbersome examination conditions (for example, overweight woman etc.).

The device is equipped with 23 inch LED widescreen display, thus it becomes possible to see and identify the tiniest examination details and to view several image parts side by side to compare them.


Our gynaecologists approve: the better the device, the better visibility and resolution are, and that leads to more precise diagnosis, thus better treatment results. With the new "Voluson S10" we are able obtain very high quality images both of organ sections and panoramic, thus enabling to evaluate the tissue structure of an organ region by the whole.


Health Centre 4 keeps monitoring innovations in the field of medical technology, replacing previous generation ultrasound devices with the latest ones every two years. Technologies progress rapidly, we offer our clients the most precise diagnostic possibilities in gynaecology and pregnancy care and we offer our specialists the best options for more accurate diagnosis.


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